Feelgood EOFY giving: the Aruga-approved charities to support

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Flush with cash or have a surplus to spend before the end of the financial year? We know some people…

No, Aruga hasn’t gone into the laundering biz – unless you count our cherished charity client, Orange Sky Australia.

Aruga wears its heart on its sleeve and we’re passionate about putting our collective talents and time towards causes we care about. In short, the more we share, the more we have.

We’re incredibly proud to partner with a top-shelf selection of homegrown heroes, charities and not-for-profits doing meaningful work in our community.

Last year was a challenge for all and particularly highlighted the human side of the global pandemic and its far-reaching effects on family, friends and communities.

The downtime brought the opportunity to share our time, skills and resources and make a positive difference – one we grasped wholeheartedly with our Helping Hands initiative and other pro bono projects that kept us sane and busy while assisting 10 small businesses in need.

Across the 2019/20 financial year, Aruga provided pro bono support to 22 organisations, which equated to 925 hours of assistance in total.

If your balance books are in the black, it makes sense (cents?) to pay it forward to provide much-needed funds and support to the charities and NFPs doing the heavy-lifting and fantastic work in Australia for Australians.

Here are some worthy Aruga-approved charities to support where you can make a real financial difference before June 30:

Aboriginal Art Co.

Proudly Indigenous-owned and operated, Aboriginal Art Co. aims to protect 60,000 years of continuous artistic expression by connecting ethical buyers to authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and products. Creating meaningful connections to artisans and consumers through storytelling traditions, Aboriginal Art Co. is in the process of establishing an online marketplace and bricks-and-mortar store in Brisbane. Fund the dream here.

Actors’ & Entertainers’ Benevolent Fund Qld

When the lights went out for the arts and entertainment industry in March 2020, it looked like it was curtains for Queensland’s network of performing arts professionals, behind-the-scenes crew and cultural venues. As Queensland’s leading performing arts charity, the Actors’ & Entertainers’ Benevolent Fund is the one that shows up for performers in need, providing emergency assistance since 1975. Show your support here.

Cancer Council Queensland

Cancer is relentless. So is Cancer Council Queensland. Every year, this registered charity is involved in numerous fundraising opportunities to contribute to a cancer-free future. With one in two Queenslanders diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, the funds raised or donated go towards lifesaving research, prevention programs and patient support services. Invest in a cancer-free future here.

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Established in honour of Queenslander Daniel Morcombe, the Foundation’s name is synonymous with providing access to personal safety education and resources for a safer Australia for young people. As well as the annual Day for Daniel fundraiser and other initiatives, The Daniel Morcombe Foundation has also launched a suite of Safe Bedrooms resources to keep kids safe in both online and physical environments. Donate here.

Diabetes Australia

Considered one of the biggest challenges for Australia’s health system, around 1.8 million Australians have diabetes with one in five developing diabetes daily. The 21st-century epidemic is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia with no known cure. Donating to The Cure Club directly funds the Diabetes Australia Research Program to assist with the research breakthroughs that can bring Australia closer to a cure. Close the gap here.

Foodbank Australia

Food insecurity in Australia is a problem. Foodbank has a solution, sourcing food for those in need through the support of farmers, manufacturers, food companies and retailers. Last year, Foodbank sourced enough food to supply more than 87.9 million meals. Through generous donations of food, groceries and essential items plus financial support, Foodbank can help hungry families feed their kids. Contribute your cash here.

La Boite

La Boite Theatre has a proud history as Australia’s longest continuously running theatre company. La Boite invests heavily in young artists and audiences to nurture the next generation of theatre-makers and lovers and provide youth and education programs to the community. Donations help to support the creation of new works and perspectives to honour the history and dream up the future of local theatre. Fund the arts here.

Orange Sky Australia

Supporting friends in the community who are experiencing homelessness, Orange Sky Australia provides a regular mobile laundry service and warm showers staffed by volunteers who lend an empathetic ear in a safe, positive and supportive environment. The world’s first free mobile laundry service began in a Brisbane garage and now has 33 services across Australia and New Zealand, including in remote communities. Change a life here.

White Box Enterprises

On a mission to create 5000 jobs for young, disadvantaged Aussies by 2030, White Box Enterprises has big plans for the future. The organisation aims to transform Australia’s youth unemployment system by partnering with mission-driven organisations with similar employment-related goals to create meaningful jobs. Find out how you can contribute and make a difference in young people’s lives here.

Aruga ain’t no show pony – we walk the talk with our ongoing commitment to pro bono initiatives and workplace giving. Find out how Aruga’s Helping Hands project made a difference to 10 small businesses straight from the horses’ mouths (ahem, bright-eyed and pony-tailed clients).