A record-breaking performance

Brisbane Festival

Public Relations

Remaining Boldly Brisbane in the face of a global pandemic.

In 2018, we cemented Brisbane Festival as Brisbane’s Festival. In 2019, we upped our game to help deliver record-breaking box office sales and attendance numbers, more than 200 sell-out shows and unprecedented media coverage worth making a song and dance about.

In 2020, against all odds (turns out COVID and Festivals aren’t a good mix) we saw a Boldly Brisbane Festival fill the city with music, art and joy for three weeks.

Taking the world-class hyper-local program to a national audience, Aruga secured FOMO-inducing coverage across arts, lifestyle and general news media and spotlighted Brisbane Festival and Queensland as beacons of hope for global arts and entertainment industries.

Results (2020)


quality media clips


attendees including 38,000 visitors


estimated economic impact


live national TV crosses with Nine’s The Today Show and ABC News Breakfast


Publicity tickets distributed to reviewers & VIPs


Visiting journalist media famils

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