About Us


You know the sound a 1920’s automobile makes when it wants to get someone’s attention?
That’s Aruga. We turn heads.

Igniting that spark between audience and brand is at the heart of Aruga – creatively-grounded PR that grabs attention like a box of glazed donuts. Since launching with Taco Bell as its foundation client in June 2017, Aruga has established itself as one of Australia’s most dynamic communications agencies, cultivating an enviable client portfolio of more than 120 big-name brands, local legends and small challenger brands.

We’ve dressed zucchinis in bikinis, fought off a zombie apocalypse, wrapped t-shirts like burritos, travelled with drag queens, danced with human disco balls, and signed more death waivers than we care to think about.

Our philosophy: media doesn’t drive connection, creativity does.


Working with people we admire on businesses we passionately believe in.

Headquartered in a warehouse-style space in West End’s cultural hub with meeting rooms named Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle, it’s clear Aruga is two-parts business, one-part creative fun.

Promoting a versatile workplace, with work-from-home days, flexible hours and TOIL, we champion social connectedness with lunchtime Pilates, anniversary celebrations and team attendance at client events.

Making Aruga-branded t-shirts and hoodies a fashion statement, we are our own biggest champions and invite – nay, encourage – pets to work.

Ensuring we pivot with panache and remain creative chameleons in this constantly shifting landscape, Aruga invests in its people with career development and training including external training courses and hosting industry-leaders for quarterly lunch-and-learn sessions (paired with a killer lunch spread).

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Level 2, 33 Vulture Street

West End, Brisbane QLD 4101

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