Creating the most influential public voice for brands.

We create, seed and amplify original content via an unrivalled network of business and media connections. 

Public Relations

Media doesn’t drive connection, creativity does.


Media Relations


Issues Management

Media Training


Influencer Management

Igniting that spark between audience and brand is what we do – creatively-grounded PR that grabs attention like a box of glazed donuts.

Aruga’s team of results-focused publicists work with you to fine-tune your business’ key messages, uncover media-worthy angles, identify key spokespeople and most importantly, understand what success looks like to you.

Whether it’s a feature in your industry’s top trade magazine, a high-quality story in your Board Chair’s go-to national newspaper, a thought leadership piece that makes you the envy of your peers or simply attracting as many eyeballs as possible on your product or service, we know that success looks different to everyone.

We invest time early on to identify your goals and the project’s desired outcomes, set KPIs and craft a tailored, results-focused strategy anchored by well-researched story angles and media targets.

Our Work


Attention-grabbing and thumb-stopping content.



Graphic Design




Brand Development

Aruga’s content team is laden with leaders in their field who share a penchant for rich, dynamic content.

Our experienced writers, journalists, editors, producers and designers employ a wealth of skills, spanning strategic communication to savvy SEO to deliver word-perfect copy, eye-catching imagery and video, and clickable content.

From pun-filled social posts and snappy blogs to fact-based opinion editorials and insightful magazine features, Aruga helps you to tell your story, engage your audience and broadcast your wins. Our design capabilities range from personalised Instagram stickers through to polished publications and brand storytelling pieces.

Aruga has vast expertise across all stages and forms of content creation, from strategy, planning and key message consolidation; developing, designing and drafting content; to editing, auditing and ghost-writing.

Social Media

Less fluff and more of the real stuff.


Social Media Audits

Strategy Development

Content Creation

Paid Advertising

Community Management

Workshops & Training

We’re all over the internet so you don’t have to be. Our socially-savvy savants are at the forefront of this ever-evolving sector, employing best practices and strategic nous to help you navigate the fine line between fab and fad.

From community management matrixes, content schedules and multi-channel advertising campaigns through to punny gifs, Instagram Stickers and thumb-stopping content tailored for your business, we take the time to understand your needs and translate that into a strategic framework you’ll actually use.

Aruga is adept at developing and delivering powerful social media strategies that are transparent, easy to understand and implement, focused on genuine ROI that can be measured against your broader business goals.

Creative Ideas

Commanding attention via bold creative ideas.


Creative Workshops

Ideation Sessions

Campaign Concepting

Activations & Events

Stunts & Media Moments

Video Concepting & Storyboarding

From campaign executions that pop to traffic-stopping activations and A-list launches, Aruga creates buzz-worthy moments that get your business noticed.

We take the time to get to know your brand through deep-dive workshops and ideation sessions to understand your vision, before applying our unrivalled creativity, contacts and common sense to execute activations and events, publicity stunts and media moments that drive talkability.

This inimitable approach has become Aruga’s trademark and competitive advantage, capturing the imaginations of more than 300 unique brands including global giants Taco Bell, Foot Locker, Converse and Tough Mudder.

Influencer Engagement

From meet-cutes to metrics: we know how influence works.


Influencer Marketing Strategy

Activations & Events

Gifting & Collaborations

Industry Research

Pitching & Negotiations

With extensive knowledge of the influencer landscape and some of its best on speed dial, Aruga’s relationship-building skills are top-notch. We take the time to understand your brand and your campaign goals to find the right influencer for you, whether you’re after an eco-warrior, fashion brand ambassador or A-list guest list at your next big event.

Aruga’s well-connected marketing team works with some of Australia’s favourite social media influencers, content creators, media personalities, photographers and ambassadors.

We’re strategic and insightful in our approach. We research and shortlist potential advocates based on your target audience, followers and content, establish the relationship, set deliverables and assist with creating content to best represent your brand.

Just think of us as your content Cupid. We take the hard part out of new relationships so you can focus on taking your campaign to the next level with the perfect brand partner.

Video Production

Capturing hearts & minds with sizzling visual content.




Creative Direction

Storyboarding & Scripting

Pre & Post-Production Management

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the storytelling power of video. Whether it’s a range of snackable social media content, a heartstring-pulling micro-documentary or a TV-ready newsreel, our video production team will take your brand from the middle of the road to the centre of attention.

With the in-house nous to plan and execute all elements of a shoot – from creative direction and storyboarding to location scouting, talent sourcing and post-production management – you can trust Aruga to get the shot!

Going beyond cookie-cutter solutions and simple templates, we craft videos that are precisely aligned with your brand’s identity, key messages and target audiences.

Our Work