Design on display: Helen’s European Cuisine

A selection of sweet and savoury pastries shot from above on a green background

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Promotional Flyer & Social Media Design

Tempting taste buds with delicious design

Aruga brings the delectable sweet treats and savoury products of Helen’s European Cuisine to life through highly visual promotional flyers for a B2B audience.

Targeting the wholesaler’s retail client base, Aruga creates a full suite of design assets, including taste-making double-sided flyers that tout monthly specials and seasonal ranges and tempt increased sales, plus a range of other promotional collateral such as sparkling social media tiles.

Example of a double-sided flyer promoting pastries
An example of a double-sided flyer created to promote a new Seasonal Range of savoury pastries and sweet treats.
Example of double-sided flyer depicting pastries
An example of a double-sided flyer promoting the Classic Range of pastries.
Examples of creative artwork as social media assets.
The tasty images used in the promotional flyers are also used as tempting social media assets.
3 examples of Christmas card design artwork depicting pastries
Aruga also created a suite of Christmas cards featuring popular pastries for seasonal greetings.