Design on display: The City’s Pocket Gift Guide

Busy shot of crowds shopping in the open-air Queen Street Mall pedestrian shopping mall.

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The City’s Pocket Gift Guide

Gift-giving all wrapped up

With appealing graphic design and layout in an on-trend colour palette, The City’s Pocket Gift Guide curated Brisbane City’s most inspired festive finds in a mobile gift guide.

Incorporating high-quality photography, in-house styling and creative copy, Aruga handpicked all featured gifts and liaised with retailers to inform the artful digital display and inspire Christmas shopping in The City.

Mobile phone mockups
Mobile phone display examples of The City's Pocket Gift Guide different sections.
Mobile phone mockup image of design
The City's Pocket Gift Guide cover artwork.
Examples of photography and design in a gift guide
The selection of gifts, photography and layout design of The City's Pocket Gift Guide was undertaken by Aruga.

Graphic Design

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