EOFY Cash Splash: Unleash the Power of Your Leftover Budget

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The end of the financial year looms large. You want to make sure you maintain, even grow, your marketing budget for next year but you still have a few dollars burning a hole in your professional pocket to spend before 30 June.

Whether you’re making a head start on a significant project or adding value to your team and tasks, Aruga is here to help you maximise your final spend and get serious bang for your remaining buck.

Here are nine excellent ways to strategically splash your cash before EOFY and benefit your business:

1. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Invest in 12 months of Media Monitoring with an upfront payment and see your remaining budget working hard for you throughout the new financial year.

Not only will Media Monitoring keep you on top of what’s being said about your brand – and who is listening – but it provides an essential measurement tool for planning, analysing and evaluating the success of your earned media efforts.

Additionally, Media Monitoring can give you this information in real-time so you can plan and respond accordingly to protect and promote your brand.

2. More Than an Elevator Pitch

Key messages are the foundation of an organisation’s branding and marketing efforts and should be reflected in all written and spoken communications.

Aruga can help you extract your core business story and consolidate Key Messages into clear one-liners that will roll off the tongues of everyone from your marketing team to your executive leaders in no time.

3. Keep Your Public Messaging on Track

Our expert journalists, publicists and media professionals will put your team through their paces in a customised Aruga Media Training workshop. With a mix of knowledge-based understanding and practical training, this program is designed to develop critical skills and techniques ready to roll out during interviews and media opportunities.

Learn the skills to articulate key messages at the drop of a hat, then get camera-ready and dive in for a practice run with our team, who are standing by with all the tough questions!


4. Don’t Wait Until the Unexpected Happens

We all hope we will never need a Crisis Communications Plan, but it’s a critical blueprint if something goes wrong. Having one up your sleeve will ensure you and your team are ready to respond immediately if things do go awry.

The Aruga team will help you assess potential scenarios you and your organisation may face, then develop core messaging and a bespoke communications framework ready to implement should disaster strike.

Aruga team headshots 2023 - Adam Brunes, Belinda Seeney, Inga Tracey

5. Hit Refresh

That all-important first impression and introduction to your clients and other professional contacts are often through your Professional Headshot.

If your website houses a mishmash of inconsistent images of your team with various backgrounds – or you are using a photo taken at an event five years ago with poor resolution (and someone cropped out) on LinkedIn – this picture-perfect service is for you!

Lock in a Professional Headshot shoot before 30 June and prepare for a sharp-looking start to the new financial year.

6. Let Us Tell Your Story

Telling your own story can be challenging! A well-written Professional Biography is an essential piece of content.Tap into the skills of our team of professional storytellers who will capture the details of your professional journey in an inviting narrative reflecting the depth of your talents and experience.

Package it up with fresh Professional Headshots, and you and your team will be ready to see in the new financial year with aplomb.

7. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Now don’t get us wrong, we have a love and passion for words at Aruga. But partner a good spiel with a scroll-stopping image or video, and your content is instantly amplified.

Slot in a photography and/or videography Content Shoot during June and refresh your library with new content to roll out to clients and/or customers as we head into the new financial year.

Aruga Content Shoot | Brisbane Domestic Airport | New Farm Confectionery

8. Plan Ahead

Aruga loves a well-curated social feed. We can help you cook up a Content Calendar full of flavour to keep your social media followers informed and engaged.

Consider coupling with a Content Shoot to add fresh, fit-for-purpose visuals into the mix as you prepare to up the ante with your followers.

9. Get ‘Sticky’ in Your Customers’ Minds

Branded and/or animated Stickers are a great way to up the ante on your Instagram content and reinforce your brand identity through user-generated content.

Whether it’s your logo, mascot, iconic products or a fun catchphrase, we can design, develop and upload your custom sticker suite.


Contact us with your brief and budget at hello@aruga.com.au