Flex appeal: why we support our team to work when and where they want

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Donna Kramer


Fully flexible working model, hybrid working model, work from home days, staggered start times, remote working… these are all post-pandemic hangovers that have entered our professional daily dialogue. 

While it is disappointing that it took a global pandemic for our society to embrace flexible working, I’m celebrating the benefits it brings people in all facets of their life.  

At Aruga we have a fully flexible work culture, which means team members can work from where they want and when they want with no set office days or start or finish times.  


Because we trust our team to do their job to a high standard before the deadline… where or when they choose to do this is up to them.  
Donna Kramer | Co-Founder

And also, because it’s the way it should be.  

Life and work don’t stop and start based on the clock. Sometimes life admin needs to be managed during work hours and work things happen in the evening… and that’s ok.   

The result of our fully flexible working conditions means that the Aruga team works hard, but also works hard to make time for the things that matter most to them.  

We also have high employee retention, noticeably fewer sick days, and our agency performance and profitability has increased year on year with zero signs of slowing down.   

Personally, having workplace flexibility brings me so much joy.   

I love my days in the office and the laughter and company they bring, but I also thrive on my days at home as I like to work when the sun rises, then clock off to exercise and have breakfast with my family and then pick up back again when school drop off is done.  

It’s the ability to choose how and where you spend your time that really puts people in the driver’s seat of their life and ultimately that’s the benefit of being fully flexible: being in control and making your work life work for you, and not you for it.   

Donna Kramer


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