Make your brand stand out with Aruga’s custom Instagram stickers

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Ensure your brand is always top of mind with Aruga’s custom-designed shareable stickers for Instagram Stories.

Instagram has a whopping 1.22 billion users worldwide with more than 50 per cent of Instagrammers engaging with the platform daily. That’s a lot of potential eyeballs for content creators and marketers to train on their brands.

Constantly innovating and introducing new features, Instagram is a visual platform at heart that has seen its user base increasingly posting Stories over feed content – possibly for its ephemeral nature and chronological timeframe.

According to Instagram, more than 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories daily with one billion Stories shared every day.

Want to make your brand stick? You need your own stickers. Literally.

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Aruga Instagram Stickers
Client: Aruga
The Tivoli Instagram Stickers
Client: The Tivoli
Curiocity Instagram Stickers
Client: Curiocity Brisbane
Brisbane Powerhouse Instagram Stickers
Client: Brisbane Powerhouse

Instagram stickers are a free feature of Instagram Stories that allows creators to customise their content with eye-catching elements for thumb-stopping visuals and to promote engagement.

Sticker options include gifs, static imagery, locations, polls and more.

Brands can tap into native Stories behaviour by adding a custom-designed collection of branded stickers to become part of the conversation.

Think of fun animations or gifs to bring attention and awareness to an annual event or festival, that are timely and relevant for your product and distil your brand’s secret sauce into a shareable sticker.

For example, Aruga’s Insta stickers showcase our brand mascot and colours, office vernacular and Friday vibes without being salesy or in-your-face promotional.

From universal catchphrases to cool animations, your own stickers are another brand asset promoting awareness, engagement and conversion for effective social media marketing.

Want your own?

Get a branded suite of sweet-as stickers for Instagram Stories.

Aruga’s creative team can make your stick figures into fully fledged gifs, stickers and more. Contact us for all the design deets.