IMHO: an origin story

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Aruga unveils IMHO: real people sharing their honest reviews and authentic opinions of live performances.

IMHO is the new kid on the arts and entertainment block.

Act 1: We open on a robust arts media landscape media where a squadron of critics, reviewers and specialist journalists devote countless column centimetres and broadcast minutes to discussing, analysing and promoting the arts.

Plot twist: A nefarious series of events unfold over time to lay this once-thriving landscape bare. We see the number of dedicated arts journalists, publications and media sections reporting the arts shrink and the opportunities for fearless and frank reviews dwindle.

Act 2: The hero is unbowed and battles valiantly. We bear witness as Queensland’s performing arts scene continues to create and stage work that is ground-breaking, trail-blazing, provocative, innovative, agenda-setting and world-leading.

Act 3: A newcomer emerges to stake its flag on the battleground and return power to the people. IMHO (In My Honest Opinion) takes no prisoners as it gives the public the lowdown on live performance and entertainment from those in the know — the audience. It is assembling a growing army of Citizen Reviewers, united by a love of free tickets, a fun night out and the freedom to tell it like it is.

Hero spotlight: IMHO is the ultimate guide to Queensland’s theatre and performing arts scene with behind-the-scenes news, the latest events and real reviews from real people. The website offers a fun new platform for arts and entertainment coverage in Queensland, away from traditional third-party media outlets.

Supporting characters: Like an arts-loving cupid, IMHO connects real people with the arts and showers them with free tickets in return for their honest opinions. Citizen Reviewers are drawn from all walks of life and their reviews are given equal weight — whether they’re a first-timer or a seasoned fan and whether they loved a show or loathed it.

IMHO – The Sequel: IMHO launched with a 21-glitter canon salute in time for Brisbane Festival 2019. Its small but opinionated community of Citizen Reviewers took to their new roles with gusto, appraising an assortment of live productions, diligently filing their reviews and sharing their thoughts far and wide. After you-know-what derailed everyone’s 2020 plans, IMHO spent much of the lockdown tinkering away at version 2.0, rebuilding its army, upgrading its weaponry and plotting exciting ways to return power to the people.

Epilogue: Far from it being curtains for arts and review media in Queensland, IMHO has filled the growing silence with a cacophony of diverse and fascinating voices, sharpening their pencils and their wits on a slew of Citizen Review opportunities.

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