So the media wants to talk to you… now what?

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This is it, you’ve hit the big time! The news media has come knocking with a spot on their television bulletin, radio segment, website or newspaper and they want YOU to fill it. Once the initial elation settles, it’s natural to feel a little off-balance.

The best approach to calm those nerves and set yourself on the path to media stardom is to take a leaf out of the playbook of actors, entertainers and other seasoned media professionals. Take the time to get into character and research and rehearse your part before you step into the media spotlight to ensure you shine!

Preparing for an interview

1. Know the media outlet. It’s vital to do a little research into where you will appear so you can tailor your interview and answers accordingly.

2. Ask the following questions:

  • Who is the journalist and who do they work for?
  • What angle will the story take?
  • Is it a live interview or pre-recorded?
  • Is it a one-on-one interview or will there be a media pack?
  • Is the journalist looking for a short audio grab or an in-depth explanation?

3. Know your opportunities. This is your chance to make an impact so take a moment to read up on previous coverage and identify how you can add something new. While you’re at it, research your competitors and what they’re saying as well as key trends and issues in the industry.

4. Know your audience. Ask yourself who you want to reach and find out what they are most likely to read, listen to and watch. There’s not much point courting Radio National when your target demographic is cranking up Nova. Always read the publication, watch the program or listen to the radio show before your interview.

5. Know your key messages. What are the core messages you want your target audience to hear and remember? Distil these down to a handful of concise key statements you can repeat throughout your interview.

Do you have questions of your own? Such as “How do I write Key Messages?” or “What makes a story newsworthy?” or “How can I make maximum impact in minimum time?”

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