The signs as wines: our astrological advice for highly-aligned vino

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If the sophistication of your wine buying strategy boils down to picking the prettiest label, consider tapping into our scientifically accurate astrological match-up instead! 

Pulled directly from starry heights and inspired by some of Queensland’s very best vino, our cosmically binding advice will ensure the bottle you choose is your perfect match. We promise.


Earth Signs

If you were born under the gravitational pull of the following signs, you’re likely known for being, well… “down to earth”. Grounded, loyal and hard-working, you’re thoroughly calloused from the daily grind. Wines that express the flavours of the land are best suited to your palate — robust rewards for your resolve and renowned diligence.



Adored for your warmth and admired for your self-assurance, your grounded nature stirs something magical in those who know you. Much like the 2020 Wild Ferment Aglianico, your presence is welcomed for its melodic unhurriedness. Unfurling notes of clove, hibiscus tea, and dried red flowers speak perfectly to your calm spirit. While nothing seems to break your soul, however, be sure not to sleep on the beauty all around you. You may discover delicious canapés abound…



You may seem like a jet-setter, but your feet are firmly grounded. Methodology and structure are your keys to success, as is your knack for smoothing the edges of life for yourself and others in your orbit. That’s why the gentle yet prominent floral notes of the silky 2021 Wild Ferment Touriga are your perfect match. Anticipate plush opportunities coming into bloom with each sip. Your practical nature is soon to pay off.



Thanks to your properly plotted planner, you know the start and you know the end — the master of the scene! You’re admired for your adept transparency and no-nonsense “niceties”, but you already knew that. Nothing gets past you… and nothing will, for at least the next six-to-eight weeks. Reward your keen focus with the 2020 Verdelho, a similarly streamlined feat. Flushed with refreshing tropical fruit notes and green apple flavours, you’ll appreciate taking five for this fresh number.


Fire Signs

As a fire sign you’ve heard it all before (but you’re always just as flattered as you were the first time). You are effervescent, passionate and courageous. Lit by an enviable sense of self and spurred on by the trophies of your many accomplishments, you’re probably also the ‘personality hire’. And though it may seem like you’ve got it all together, it’s likely over rich tannins and robust flavours that you’ll let your defences down to shock us all — you’re only human, and sometimes, even you burn the candle at both ends.



Bold, determined and persistent, your intensity attracts some and repels others. But like the audacious 2021 Wild Ferment Garnacha, you are always the instigator of passionate affairs. This spicy and evocative elegant read will embrace your fiery force with confident notes of cherry, peppercorns and crushed berries. Fill your chalice with a wine that matches your leading rebellious spirit!



Speaking of leaders… aren’t you just the perfect pick. Though, while you’re renowned for your tremendous ability to pull the crew together, it is your exceptional brightness and warmth that inspire the pride to follow your call. Brazen, sumptuous and sun-kissed by notes of pomegranate and orange zest, you’ll find the 2021 Wild Ferment Negroamaro equally vivacious in its ability to command the room.



You are bright-eyed and buoyant. Your sense of adventure guides you to experience life as an unfolding series of exuberant events. You’re a curious sharer — an anticipator of what excitement tomorrow might bring. You are the ultimate dinner party planner and guest. With you at the helm it’s anyone’s guess as to where you’ll whisk us away to next. Like the bird you are, it’s the restless notes of pineapple, citrus and a cool sea breeze that make the 2022 Provenance Vermentino your best travel companion. Bottoms up, up and away!


Water Signs

Like the tide, you’re ever-changing. Although many might assume your movements aren’t carefully planned (or determined “by the moon”) you’re far from wishy-washy. You might feel like others struggle to easily connect with you on the surface as with others, but not all who swim in the sea are seeking the depths…  and that’s okay. You’re intimate. A confidant. Your emotional core can be the lighthouse for others or the eye of the storm — and you’re probably acquainted with an evening (or seven) spent in the bath with a vino in hand.



Some may reduce your deeply emotional nature to being “a crier”, but we know you’re much more than that. Protective, sentimental and intuitively romantic, you’re too much for some, but you know who your people are. Try not to get your pincers in a twist when shallow connections push you out to sea. Instead, share a 2018 Shiraz Cabernet with someone who sees beneath your shell. Raspberry, blueberry and velvety tannins reveal a delicacy that deserves to be embraced with time and intention and with all five senses.



If Cancer is the gentle river moor, Scorpio you’re the tidal storm. You’re the beholder of strong emotions, but you’re rarely one to show it. Allow your magnetism to attract those who appreciate your passionate complexity — share a glass of 2019 Prophecy Cabernet Sauvignon with someone who understands just how complex you are. Full-bodied blackcurrant, tobacco and warm oak tones muse the palate with a sense of particular mystique… just like you.



The world is your oyster, you pearl! Your gentleness guides you, like a compass, to the far reaches of your imagination. You’re sensitive and sometimes malleable, but you’re just open to the ebb and flow of life, and that’s a skill in itself. Some say you look at the world through rose-coloured glasses — go on, you free spirit, make them rosé! A sweet 2022 Provenance Rosé speaks to your softness. Its easily sippable peachy notes are just as precious.


Air Signs

If you’re an Air sign, you’re Captain Adaptability. You’re always shifting with the mood of the room — you know how to work it. As a seasoned pro at the “day to night” game, the contents of your glass should always match your outfit’s versatility. Always on the pulse, people might read your natural inclination to plan ahead as overbearing, but you’ve just got places to be doll!



Classically, you’re the “two-faced” one, right? Absolutely. One set of lips for a dazzling 2022 Moscato, the other for the opulent 2019 Prophecy Syrah. There’s something enchanting about the way you’re adept at harnessing your imagination to reinvent yourself from place to place, and moment to moment. Both are rooted in black fruits and warm florals — and just like you, their differing identities share a common groundedness. Don’t be afraid to allow others beyond your top notes.



Supremely suave, you won’t be shaken or stirred. Your nature is harmonious and because of this, the way you hold a room to attention is refreshing. You’re living in the present moment, not running or rushing. Like the 2017 Petit Verdot, you represent an invitation to pause, muse on present positives (in this case, fruity chocolate notes and French oak) and enjoy every sip like it’s your last.



While Libra meditates, you like to keep things spicy. You’re the rebel of the group, and as the ground shaker, there’s something inherently electrifying about your taste for the fast and the fabulous. Introduce yourself as 2019’s “Unwooded Chardonnay” at your next event: electrically crisp and a little bit go-go. Cashews, nectarine and apple treat your palate to thrilling pops of character you’ll be familiar with.


Discover the full range of bountiful blends from our friends at Witches Falls and Mason Winery, who expertly hosted Team Aruga earlier this year. Snaps for divine decadence, dolls!