Meet our Rumbletown Pathways Scholarship shortlist

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An outstanding cohort of applicants for the inaugural Rumbletown Pathways Scholarship hit our inboxes earlier this year and, quite frankly, we wanted them all!

After much deliberation, we are thrilled to announce our shortlist for the prestigious $12,000 scholarship: QUT students Johnross Chicksen, Jen Li Wan, Courtney Stanley and Takura Matenga.

The Rumbletown Pathways Scholarship provides one BIPoC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour), CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) or mature-age QUT student annually with financial support and access, experience and mentorship across the disciplines of Advertising, Digital, Media and Communications.

Rumbletown – Queensland’s leading independent media agency group – launched the pioneering diversity and inclusion scholarship in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology Business School.

Our shortlisted candidates each demonstrate incredible leadership and advocacy within their own communities and it was a privilege to meet and be inspired by them.
Adam Brunes | Aruga Co-Founder

Johnross Chicksen

Johnross was born and raised in Zimbabwe where living with food, water, fuel and electricity shortages were part of everyday life. Thankfully his father prioritised his education, even though it meant a young Johnross had to cycle for more than one hour to-and-from school every day in the oppressive African heat. He migrated to Australia when he was 17 to study science and since 2013 he has graduated with Bachelor of Health Science, Bachelor of Health Science (Hons) and a Bachelor of Science all from the University of Queensland. In 2020, Johnross started studying for a Master of Business at QUT.

This is not a detriment but a boon as it forces me to do more to excel, to show higher adaptability and greater perseverance.
Johnross Chicksen | Rumbletown Pathways Scholarship candidate

Jen Li Wan

Jen is a third-year Advertising and Visual Communications Design student at QUT. She arrived in Australia on 11 January 2011. She believes that as a 20-year-old female Malaysian-Chinese immigrant she has had to work “twice as hard as my white-counterparts for a chance to be considered as an equal”. She says that her achievements in life are proof that BIPOCs can break through barriers and defy expectations. She is passionate about addressing the under-representation of minority communities in the marcomms industry.

I want to be able to impart the exclusive knowledge I gain from the internship on those with lesser privilege – empowering them sooner rather than later so that they may endure less hardships than I did.
Jen Li Wan | Rumbletown Pathways Scholarship candidate

Courtney Stanley

Courtney is a proud Gunggari woman from Townsville who is studying marketing, with a minor in German. The first person in her family to study at university or leave Townsville, Courtney is bilingual (English and Italian), studied as an exchange student for 12 months in Italy, and lives with a genetic hearing loss disability that she shares with other members on her Aboriginal paternal side. She believes that through her family background and culture she would bring a diverse voice to the marketing industry.

I have to make every opportunity for myself as I don’t have any natural contacts or networks, not only in marketing, but in any university-qualified profession.
Courtney Stanley | Rumbletown Pathways Scholarship candidate

Takura Matenga

Takura was born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, and her cultural background is Pacific Islander. The eldest of four children, she is the first member of her family – on both her mother and father’s side – to attend university. She is in her final year at QUT studying Business, majoring in marketing with a minor in Human Resource Management. She mentors Maori and Pasifika high school students in the North Lakes region to build aspiration and encourage them to pursue tertiary education.

When I walk into my lectures and tutorials or step foot into new spaces, I notice that I am the only Pacific Islander in the room. Some would feel intimidated or shy however, I feel empowered.
Takura Matenga | Rumbletown Pathways Scholarship candidate

The successful student, to be announced in July, will receive on-the-job training as they undertake a 16-week full-time paid placement at Rumbletown Agencies – Rumble Strategic Creative (Advertising and Creative), Aruga (PR and Social Media), Romeo (Creative and Digital), Scout Frontier (Media Planning and Buying) and Edison (SME Brand Consultants).

“Aruga and Rumbletown were thrilled with the high calibre of applicants,’’ Aruga co-founder Adam Brunes said.

“Our shortlisted candidates each demonstrate incredible leadership and advocacy within their own communities and it was a privilege to meet and be inspired by them.”

Aruga co-founder Donna Kramer said she was excited to welcome the inaugural scholarship recipient into the Rumbletown network.

“The scholarship was created to not only improve diversity within Rumbletown’s own ranks but to promote industry dialogue about under-representation of certain minorities within the marketing communications industry nationally.

“It is inspiring for us to see the diverse talent at QUT who clearly have so much to offer the industry.’’

Find out more about the ongoing scholarship program here.