The 6 most underrated social media platforms, according to Aruga

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Hey there. Pop your phone down for a sec and check out these stats.

According to the We Are Social x Hootsuite Digital 2021: Australia report, our nation has 20.5 million active social media users. That equates to a whopping 80 per cent of our total population on social media.

One-third of our time spent online is on social media, making your Insta or Facebook habit second only to watching free-to-air TV as our fave national leisure activity. Australia’s top five channels are YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, and chances are you’ve already tuned out and checking out your feed or messages right now.

At Aruga, our social media experts have a steady digital diet and are early adopters when it comes to knowing the latest platforms and new online behaviours. For the untapped opportunities and new platforms where you should be playing and spending your time, here’s our hot takes on the six most underrated social media apps – do @us with your thoughts.

1. Reddit

The self-described “front page of the internet” is our top underrated online platform, but you best believe it’s the first place that journalists snoop for scoops. Reddit is one of the most visited sources for news, so it’s a great platform for those working in marketing and communications roles to spot news and trends before they end up in mainstream media. Reddit also provides a platform for brands and spokespeople to promote their products (or themselves) through the popular AMAs (Ask Me Anything live Q&As), however Aruga Account Director Nicole recommends familiarising yourself with the Redditiquette manual to avoid ending up as a cautionary tale on r/AMADisasters.

2. LinkedIn

The platform where you promote the most professional version of yourself is more than a strategic personal networking tool, according to Aruga Senior Account Manager Leigh. Home to 756 million members and 55 million companies worldwide, LinkedIn’s key point of difference is its audience mindset. Yep, rather than selfies and social feeds, LinkedIn offers an online employment and business hub where members can check in with industry colleagues, follow companies and thought leaders of interest and view niche content, providing rich opportunities for brands focused in the B2B space.

3. Twitch

If you’re not a gamer, you’ve probably never heard of Twitch, however this video livestreaming service with more than 15 million daily active users globally is a potential goldmine for marketers. Aruga Account Manager Henry loves Twitch because it’s “live, unpredictable and super audience-focused”. Twitch grew in popularity during quarantine, offering an online alternative to social interaction during the era of social distancing. The chronological format provides a platform for innovative video content and IRL streams that offer real-time feedback to content creators and an intimate, live group chat-style community for users.

4. Pinterest

No longer the sole domain of mums browsing for interiors and cake-decorating inspo, Aruga Lead Creative Katie says Pinterest represents an undervalued e-commerce platform and search engine where its users (aka Pinners) are already in the customer buying journey and open to new ideas and brands. Pinterest has also recently affirmed itself as a positive platform with recent updates that value inclusivity and diversity over the divisiveness that other social media apps are known for. With 442 million active global Pinners, Pinterest is a way for brands to inspire and convert quickly with access to real-time trends and insights.

5. TikTok

Thanks to COVID-19, TikTok was one of Australia’s top mobile activities in 2020 and the second most downloaded mobile app in Australia – after Zoom. TikTok videos brought connectivity, creativity and comfort during a time of uncertainty and social distancing. Aruga Account Executive Rylee says TikTok allows marketers to start a branded channel, create a challenge, collaborate with influencers and advertising opportunities. Tik Tokers spends an average of 89 minutes per day on the app, providing a built-in audience for brands to focus their social media strategy on.

6. Clubhouse

Listen up – this uber-exclusive, invitation-only audio chat app amassed more than 9 million monthly downloads in February 2021. Clubhouse is still new (and in its Android beta phase), so it’s ripe for social media marketing opportunities, according to Aruga Content Manager Cassie. You’ll need an invite to get in, and then you can seek like-minded clubs and join virtual rooms to participate in all kinds of topics. You can also create clubs and events to host interesting conversations that highlight your expertise, or join larger clubs and reach a bigger audience for networking or swap tips and tricks.


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