The best advice we’ve ever received (no really)

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The thing about advice is it’s often given but rarely taken. But sometimes there’s those little truth bombs we hold onto and deploy when necessary.

Whether it’s something you’ve learned from your mama, a boss, Oprah or life experience, there are just some nuggets of advice that become our guiding lights as we navigate life, love, career and social distancing at the supermarket.

Whether or not we’re Twitter-verified to give advice, the Aruga team would like to let you in on some unsolicited words of wisdom.

So, here’s the best advice we’ve ever received – take it or leave it, doll.

Give it a go!
PR all-rounder Claire is her own high-kicking, pom-pom waving cheer squad, thank you very much.
Measure twice, cut once.
Aruga Campaign Manager Leigh is always impeccably dressed.
Always put your conversations with clients in writing.
Wise (written) words from PR guru Beth.
If you have met more than one dickhead in a day, it’s likely you are the dick.
Straight-talking PR pro Jai does not suffer fools.
You are the human version of a Lizzo song. Act like it.
Girl boss-in-waiting Claudia just took a DNA test.
It’s PR, not the ER.
Aruga PR Campaign Director Nat puts it in perspective.
People do business with people they like.
Aruga Co-Founder Adam would very much like to do business with you.
Life’s not a dress rehearsal.
It’s always showtime for PR supremo Inga.
Do each task like your life depends on it.
Aruga Co-Founder DK is not here to do the thing more than once, OK?
You’ll do fine in this job so long as you accept at some point you will monumentally fuck up. When that happens, own it, make amends, learn from it, but never forget it.
Content Director Bel has the wordiest piece of advice, obvs.
If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?
PR dynamo Shannon is on a journey of selfie discovery.
There are three things in life that make you happy; something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.
When contemplating life’s mysteries, marcomms queen Rylee turns to her Dad’s sage advice.
You can only do what you can do, no point worrying about things you can’t control.
PR Director Sarah is also a bona fide Zen master.
Put your search browser on incognito mode when you’re searching for plane tickets.
Multi-talented Anna is both a PR guru and an international woman of mystery.
It’s better to regret something you did, than something you didn’t do.
Account executive Jarred’s Monday morning stories sure are entertaining.
Your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn.
The reason why Lead Creative Katie is always smiling!
When it comes to work, you always need to be flexible because if you don’t flex… you break.
Limbering up with this pearl of work wisdom is senior graphic designer Isaac.
Nobody cares… people aren’t thinking about you the way that you’re thinking about you.
Honestly, we’re surprised more people don’t turn to Alexis Rose from Schitt’s Creek for advice, like account coordinator and chronic over-analyser Julia.
The less you give a damn about what others think the happier you’ll be!
Don’t mess with office manager Ameily.
Don’t fight change.
Come at resident wordsmith Cassie with all your edits – she can handle ‘em.

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