Amplifying the great outdoors



Camping it up with a fast-growing global brand

Aruga packed its swag and partnered with the world’s largest provider of outdoor stays to get off the beaten track and find new ways to make Hipcamp a household backyard name.

With nothing off-limits, Aruga worked sock-in-boot with the team at Hipcamp to unearth unique storytelling opportunities, relevant news and events that our leaders could lend expert commentary to and like-minded brands to create exciting partnerships.

This approach saw Australian traffic increase 35.6% and the team celebrate their “biggest booking month ever” almost every month.

With a well-rounded campaign reaching industry and consumers, Aruga helped entice more people outdoors than ever before.

Results (2022)


earned media clips


advertising value equivalent


total media clips


national and statewide clips


audience reach



Conducted interviews with Hipcampers and Hosts to mine story angles.

Written Materials

Creation of long-form research pieces, opinion editorials and media materials including news releases, fact sheets, surveys and FAQs.


Facilitating media relationships to secure high-value advertorial opportunities.

Graphic Design

Development of wanderlust-inducing social and advertorial assets.

Media Training

Ensuring spokespeople stay on message and can answer any question thrown at them.

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