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Spotlighting Brisbane Festival as a headline act on the world stage

For the sixth consecutive year, Aruga delivered record-breaking publicity for Brisbane Festival, Queensland’s largest arts and cultural event.

Aruga’s campaign delivered a 59 per cent increase in major national arts coverage which contributed to a record 112,803 interstate visitors travelling to Brisbane during the Festival, representing a 31 per cent increase in visitor nights.

The expansive PR campaign also played a pivotal role in driving a surge in Festival website traffic (up 40 per cent), a 50 per cent increase in box office sales from 2022 and $20.9M invested back into the Brisbane economy.



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Projected Audience Reach


Public Relations

Achieving exceptional PR results including the highest number of media clips and greatest projected audience reach since Aruga began working with Brisbane Festival in 2018.


Developing over 30 pieces of campaign copy to highlight key milestones and events including key message development, 13 media releases, 3 media alerts, 11 holding statements, FAQs, and opening night invitations.

Stakeholder Relations

Managing stakeholders and media for the Legends Brunch: developing VIP list, inviting key media and artists and on-ground attendance and management.

Crisis Communications

Crafting essential messaging and drafting media materials, Aruga ensured ready responses were in place in the unlikely event that an issue might arise requiring an urgent response during the Festival.

Winning tactics

Thumbs Up

Aruga ideated and pitched major storytelling opportunities to showcase the program’s commissioned works, key themes and their cultural impacts.

Peace Sign

Aruga leveraged our relationships with arts media, carefully built over the past six years, to secure high-quality and high-visibility national coverage including features in Vogue Australia, The Weekend Australian and The Guardian.


Aruga curated and coordinated incredible vision opportunities for media photo shoots, social media sneak peeks, TV moments and show-specific marketing content to showcase the Festival’s joyful, colourful and unique artists, events and experiences.

Rock On

Aruga developed a strategic pitch plan that illuminated the community/participatory programming elements of the Festival, underscoring the Artistic Director’s commitment to community programming to drive attendance and participation.

Campaign Highlights

Vogue Australia featured the international artists and co-creators behind the world-premiere work, Salamander.
Daniel Riley sat down with T Magazine to discuss his latest work, Tracker, ahead of its Brisbane Festival season.
The Weekend Australian REVIEW’s cover story spoke with Es Devlin and Maxine Doyle ahead of their world premiere production, Salamander.
The Guardian examined two deeply personal Brisbane Festival plays that spotlighted queer love.