Launching a tasty new cultural tourism phenomenon

Brisbane Powerhouse



Major Events

A month-long feast for the senses

Gourmet bites, immersive installations and roaming performances brought heaving crowds to Brisbane Powerhouse in March 2023 for the inaugural Night Feast – a month-long celebration of food and art.

Aruga was engaged by Brisbane Powerhouse to launch the brand-new foodie venture through PR activity, with the aim to drive event awareness and website traffic, encourage attendance, and position Brisbane as a global destination for arts, food and culture.

Adopting traditional PR tactics, matched with Aruga’s creative eye, Night Feast caught the attention of audiences nation-wide, with 120 clips secured across broadcast, print and online media. Top media wins include a Channel 9 Weather Cross, features in Qantas Magazine and The Courier-Mail, and interviews on ABC Radio Mornings and Evenings.



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Media Relations

Aruga worked with media on long and short-lead editorial opportunities, including exclusive program announcements, profiling stories with key talent, targeted angles, managing media calls, photo and interview opportunities.

Event Hosting

Aruga worked closely with the Brisbane Powerhouse team to ensure some of Brisbane’s best were in attendance and wined and dined on the event’s First Night.

Strategy Development

Aruga developed a strategic editorial approach, targeting a mix of national, state-wide and local media with exclusive angles for lead-up and in-season campaign phases.


Aruga developed key campaign media materials, including launch and in-season releases, media alerts and key messages.

Winning Tactics

Thumbs Up

To secure quality coverage, Aruga targeted key media at each campaign milestone with tailored angles, offering fresh, newsworthy ‘bites’ for event launch, date reveal, chef announcement, launch week and event wrap.

Peace Sign

Nothing beats an exclusive first look – Aruga hosted the ultimate foodie and art tour experience for key interstate media, local journalists and influencers at a First Night event, giving VIPs an ultimate preview into the month-long celebration.


As they say, content is king (or queen, as we prefer). With a gorgeous suite of event images, Aruga was able to boost pick-up for online features during March, adding to the media interest achieved via long-lead pitching.

Campaign Highlights

Securing a Channel 9 Weather Cross on the first week of Night Feast.
Inviting and hosting Qantas Magazine at VIP media and influencer event, securing a gorgeous feature within the in-flight mag.
Coordinating just the right moment to capture a fog-filled snap for The Courier-Mail – it’s all *fog* and mirrors, baby.