Kids, start your engines: ready, set, glue!

Supercheap Auto


Hand-making Father’s Day super with Supercheap Auto

In an all-terrain effort by our trans-Tasman team, Aruga and BonBon put the pedal to the metal in facilitating Supercheap Auto’s inaugural Father’s Day Crafternoon across more than 330 stores in Australia and Aotearoa.

To help kids combine the thoughtfulness of a homemade gift with the practicality of a Supercheap Auto gift card, Aruga executed a three-pillared approach to bring the Crafternoon to life, which included the creation and management of 330 crafting kits, a proactive media relations strategy, and an army of brand-aligned influencers to create buzz through organic gifting.

Results (July — September 2022)


media clips across Australasia, including syndications


potential audience reach


organic social audience reach


Influencer Engagement

Engaging key influencers to drive awareness in the lead up to the Crafternoon.

Media Relations

Proactively pitching to key media and facilitating a full morning of Weather Crosses from a Crafternoon event.

Event Management

Facilitation and management of event assets and supplies to bring the Crafternoon to life across Australia and Aotearoa.

Campaign Highlights

Facilitating a hugely successful in-store crafting event across more than 330 stores, including shipping 50,000 pop sticks, pom poms, googly eyes and more across Australasia!
Engaging eight key influencers who went the extra mile to create organic content.
Facilitating a national TV cross and consumer giveaway via Breakfast TV crosses.

Winning Tactics

Thumbs Up

Working with The TODAY Show to showcase the Crafternoon event to Australia before it kicked off a few hours later across the country. 

Peace Sign

Bringing the Crafternoon to the households of key family bloggers and influencers, encouraging them to show their audiences exactly what to expect at the event and increase awareness. 


Bribing Aruga HQ with good beats and treats, to assist in assembling more than 330 craft kits.