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LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation


Keeping an important conversation going throughout the year

The LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness (DVA) Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that supports LGBTQ+ victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse through awareness, education and breaking down barriers to accessing help.

Helping to drive its mission year-round, Aruga works closely with the Foundation to support an always-on social presence through monthly content ideation, design, copy and implementation across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Wearing our heart on our sleeve, we delightedly partner with the Foundation on additional campaigns and flex our copywriting, graphic design and ambassador engagement skills.

By developing heartfelt copy and scroll-stopping designs, Aruga continues to reinforce that Change Starts With You.

Results (Apr – Sept 2023)


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Industry Research

Aruga dives deep into industry research, trends and important calendar events to curate content that speaks directly to the audience.

Content Calendars

Aruga reviews activity and top-performing content each month to strategically inform monthly social content calendars that deliver big-picture thinking before developing and implementing content across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels.

Graphic Design

Aruga supports the Foundation with graphic design to turn powerful concepts into sparkling content for multi-purpose use, spanning social media content, toolkits and advertisements.


Aruga was further engaged to develop a toolkit to help stakeholders and organisations promote the Foundation’s annual LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day.

Ambassador and Stakeholder Engagement

Aruga worked with key ambassadors – from contract development to talent liaison – to drive support for LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day. Aruga also liaises with Board members and key stakeholders, providing creative briefs as well as facilitating guidance and approvals to support social content.

Winning tactics

Thumbs Up

Our time spent scrolling Instagram and TikTok is time well spent, enabling us to create timely, on-trend and relevant content for the Foundation and our desired audience.

Peace Sign

Keeping our finger on the pulse through consistent reporting ensures we are well-informed and empowers us to actively create dynamic content built around key messaging that achieves maximum impact with our audience.


We adjust our approach to ensure we focus on the content that performs best to ensure we continue to deliver the most clickable content.

Rock On

Our skilled in-house designer transforms hard-hitting messages into digestible, edu-taining content to engage our audiences.

Campaign highlights

Ideating, developing, and managing LGBTQ DVA Foundation social media channels across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
Working with brand-aligned ambassadors to promote and support the Foundation.
Supporting our always-on campaign with ad-hoc projects to help drive the organisation’s mission and maintain momentum including copywriting and graphic design of a toolkit for LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day on 28 May 2023.
Keeping our finger on the pulse and creating edu-taining content to inform audiences of key calendar events and ways to support the Foundation.